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Is BoldGrid a good website builder? Read our full BoldGrid review with pros & cons, complaints, recommended use, FAQs, & more with this WordPress site builder.

eCommerce compatible:No
Free trial:Yes
Drag & drop:Yes
# of templates:200+
SEO Friendly:Yes
Money-Back Guarantee:90 days

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A Quick Overview:

BoldGrid is a website builder for WordPress that essentially makes the web design process simpler, while still taking advantage of the power and functionality that WordPress offers. They use a combination of themes, plugins, widgets, pages, page layouts, menus, photos, icons, and written dummy content to create a do-it-yourself experience for its users. It is ideal for those new to web design because of how easy it is to edit, but it is also suitable for professional web developers because it allows you to edit the template code and it simply speeds up process of creating a website from scratch.

All the plugins and functionality of WordPress are still available to BoldGrid users but it is not quite the one stop shop website builder that we have become accustomed to. WordPress is the most widely used website creation software in the world, so having BoldGrid layered on top, definitely gives users some major advantages but this website builder is far from perfect and still missing some key features.

Why choose BoldGrid:

  • Users have the power and functionality of WordPress at their disposal
  • Website can easily be exported and transferred
  • You have 100% ownership of your website
  • Responsive/mobile-friendly designs
  • Ability to set up a staging site
  • 90-day and 30-day money back guarantees available
  • Website can be customized on a code level
  • 24/7 customer support is accessible via email, phone or live chat

What are the disadvantages:

  • Not an all-in-one, turn key solution like Wix and other website builders
  • Its free, but requires paid web hosting
  • No drag and drop eCommerce tools available
  • BoldGrid does not operate on its own

The bottom line:

BoldGrid allows users to create responsive and powerful WordPress based websites easily with drag and drop customization, but it’s editor is harder to use than that of other website builders like Wix. Objects do have some restrictions in regards to where they can be moved to on the page and there is no free option available for users to test it out before financially committing. This website builder does not include eCommerce tools.

You would have to add external WordPress plugins to create an online store for your website. It is possible with plugins like Woocommerce, but it can prove to be too complicated for the newbie web designer, looking for an intuitive, user-friendly web design experience. On the bright side, because BoldGrid is built on top of WordPress which is arguably the best content management system available, this website builder would be a great choice for those wanting to build a powerful blog and you would have complete ownership of your website.

The template designs are automatically mobile-friendly and you can setup a staging site to test out designs before making them live on your actual site. For BoldGrid, the pros outweigh the cons and it would be a suitable option for those looking for a simpler way to build a WordPress website.

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BoldGrid website builder expert review

Expert Opinion – Our In-Depth Review of BoldGrid

BoldGrid was created by InMotion Hosting, a premium business web host. It was launched in 2015 as the drag-and-drop website building add on to WordPress. It was designed to make the process of building a WordPress website more intuitive and user-friendly. The BoldGrid team is led by President, Todd Robinson and this team consists of 3 developers led by Brad Markle and 3 designers led by Jimi Radabaugh amongst a host of other talented members on the Business Development team. BoldGrid’s mission is to make WordPress competitive with the top web builder companies for the DIY webmaster. This website builder combines a level of customization and powerful functionality that is incomparable because it is powered by WordPress which is the leading content management system (CMS) in the world.

Plans & Features – Which One is Right For Me?

BoldGrid is a completely free software using on top of WordPress which is also free to install. Where users will have to pay is for hosting as BoldGrid is only available for WordPress websites hosted by InMotion Hosting or Web Hosting Hub. InMotion Hosting’s plan range from $3.49 to $7.99 at their introductory rates. The 3 plans available for shared hosting are Launch, Power and Pro

Premium Plans:Introductory Pricing:Renewal Pricing:Compare:
Launch$3.49/mo$7.99/moView Details
Power$4.49/mo$9.99/moView Details
Pro$7.99/mo$15.99/moView Details

Launch: This is the most affordable plan that InMotion Hosting offers. Users can set up 6 domains, 2 unique websites and 2 MySQL Datatbases and benefit from the power of this hosting service on its most cost effective plan. Another benefit is that users can transfer their websites from previous hosting companies for free. Because this plan only allows for 2 websites, this plan is recommended for individuals and businesses who have the main goal of building one website. The second website can be used for testing or for draft websites.

Power: This plan is great for expanding entrepreneurs or business as it offers significantly more than the Launch plan. The Power plan allows users to set up 26 domains, email accounts for each domain, 6 unique websites and 50 MySQL Databases. This plan is suitable for those who need to manage and operate multiple websites separately.

Pro: This is InMotion Hosting’s most all-inclusive plan which comes with unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited websites, and unlimited MySQL Databases. The tools and features that come with this plan encompasses everything that anyone would need to run multiple websites at once. This plan is best suited for people like web developers who launch and manage a large number of websites often.

Account Management – Tools, Features, & Editor

The setup process for a BoldGrid website is fairly simple. Since this website building tool is a compliment to WordPress, it requires a hosting provider. At the moment, BoldGrid is only available via two hosting sites; InMotion Hosting and Web Hosting Hub. The most popular of the two is InMotion Hosting so let’s use it to illustrate the sign-up process and account management features.

Once you select one of the three hosting plans that InMotion Hosting has available, you will have to select a domain name. In the next step, you are required to select whether you want your website built from scratch, built by a professional, built with BoldGrid, ect. Once you’ve selected BoldGrid and your domain is successfully registered, you will receive your login URL which is the WordPress backend. It will look like “” and this is where you will be able to login to your website’s Dashboard.

Screenshot of the BoldGrid

BoldGrid operates in two stages to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible. The two stages are Inspiration and Customization. The Inspiration stage is where you will select your theme. BoldGrid has a wide variety of themes for different purposes. Each theme even comes with well thought out content that is created specifically for that niche.

Choosing a Theme within Boldgrid

After you have selected your theme, the next step is the Customize stage where you can edit the site’s title, colors, fonts, sections, menus and more. You have the option between pre-made color schemes and designing your own. You can also add your own logo, switch out background images or patterns and more all from the BoldGrid Customizer. These changes can be made live on your website in real-time.

Customizing your Theme within Boldgrid

The BoldGrid Page Builder allows even more customization with the drag and drop editing style. It works with GridBlocks to provide pre-built layouts that are easy to rearrange. You can also resize and replace images quickly. BoldGrid allows you to create impressive column and row based layouts easily without coding.

Editing a web page with BoldGrid

Disadvantages Explained – Things BoldGrid Could Improve

Boldgrid is a very impressive tool for building websites in WordPress but as with any website builder it has its disadvantages. Here are the two main disadvantages that are worth considering before you get BoldGrid.

No ecommerce option – BoldGrid does not offers ecommerce solutions. The only option for creating an online store is to install a third party plugin like Woocommerce. This can get really complicated especially for those who are new to web design and looking for the simplest solution. Adding Woocommerce can also slow down the load time of your website.

Standalone version not available yet – When we think of website builders today, we tend to think of all-in-one website creation platforms. BoldGrid is not like that. It cannot stand on its own and it is only available through its partner hosting companies, InMotion Hosting and Web Hosting Hub. Basically, if you don’t like any of those two hosting providers or you prefer to stick with your current hosting provider, BoldGrid won’t be available to you.

Additional Features Worth Mentioning

BoldGrid offers a whole range of features for the popular CMS, WordPress which makes it simple and suitable for users at any level. Here are some additional features that help to make BoldGrid a great choice.

Code Editing Option – Original WordPress web developers and designers are used to having the capability of editing the theme on a code level to fully customize it to their liking. BoldGrid operates as a website builder layered on top of WordPress but allows users to edit the source code as they normally would. Users are not restricted to only use the drag and drop editor. This is something that advanced users will definitely appreciate.

Customer Support – When you set up your BoldGrid website through InMotion Hosting, you get access to the 24/7 customer support. They are really knowledgeable about every area of the user experience. They will help you with your hosting questions and they can assist you with any BoldGrid issue that you might be having as well. You can access support via phone, email or live chat. They respond especially quickly to Live Chat.

Money back guarantee – InMotion hosting provides a 90-day and 30-day money back guarantee so you can try out their hosting services and try BoldGrid risk-free. All 6 month and longer term hosting plans for their Business, VPS, and Reseller Hosting packages are covered by their 90-day money back guarantee. All Dedicated Severs and all monthly billed VPS and Reseller Hosting packages are eligible for the 30-day money back guarantee.

Staging Sites – One of the features that separates BoldGrid from other website builders is the ability to set up a staging site which allows you to test changes to your website on your staging site before making them live on your actual website.

Conclusion – To Build or Not to Build?

As we reach the conclusion of our BoldGrid review, it’s important to keep in mind that every website builder has different strengths and weaknesses. If you’re considering BoldGrid, you’ll need to determine if this website builder offers the right features, pricing, and services to best suit your needs. For further information about BoldGrid, visit their website at If you found this review helpful, please like and share it!

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FAQs About BoldGrid

Yes. BoldGrid is powered by WordPress and operates as a compliment to it so just like with all WordPress websites, you will have 100% ownership of it. Unlike other website builders, BoldGrid does not claim ownership of the websites built using its software. You can export and transfer your website if you choose to.

If at some point, you decide that you don’t like BoldGrid, you can simply deactivate it while still keeping your WordPress site intact. To deactivate BoldGrid, you would login to your Dashboard and click “Settings” then click “BoldGrid”. Towards the bottom of that page, there is a section called “Start Over”. Select every checkbox there and click “Save”. BoldGrid will then be removed from your website. Another way to remove it from your website is to bulk delete all the plugins associated with BoldGrid.


BoldGrid is actually a free software but you will need to have a hosting account with either InMotion Hosting or Web Hosting Hub to run the software, so the main costs that you will face if you really want to use BoldGrid would be the cost of the hosting package and the cost of domain registration. It is important to note as well that InMotion Hosting offers 90-day and 30-day money back guarantees so you can try BoldGrid risk-free.

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