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Wix ADI Review Automated Website Creation Done Right?

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You can probably create a Wix website in about 5 to 10 hours if you know what you are doing, and have done a bit of planning (e.g. images are ready to go).

But Wix challenged themselves to create a system (Wix ADI) that relies on Artificial Intelligence so you can create your website in minutes.

What they do is find your already existing online presence (e.g. social media) and put together a website for you after asking you a few questions. Of course, this sounds pretty far-fetched and much like a sci-fi movie.

Indeed Wix ADI does allow you to create your own site in a matter of minutes (and with very little effort). But does it put together elegant and coherent results or instead have your website looking like a random mess of social images and inaccurate information?

Let’s find out all of this in this Wix ADI review.

What Is Wix ADI?

It’s a Wix powered solution to create websites with Artificial Design Intelligence support. Users are asked a series of questions and Wix’s ADI builder will put together a first website draft in minutes. Wix ADI will take advantage of pre-existing online content to gather the site’s data (e.g. from Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Maps).

If the user doesn’t like the ADI proposed design, the website’s style can be tweaked, and you can fully edit the content. Additionally, other sections and elements can be added (e.g. for online bookings) and you can delete existing ones.

Wix Review: WIX ADI

Wix ADI Pros & Cons

Let me tell you the most important Wix ADI pros and cons, so you know what to expect from this sci-fi builder.


  • Fast setup: The system they’ve engineered is surprisingly quick. After answering a couple of questions your site will be created in less than 5 minutes.
  • Images imported automatically: If you already have an online presence, Wix ADI is able to import your existing images – they may not be the ones you want though.
  • Easy to use: Wix ADI is one of the easiest systems to create a website I’ve ever used.
  • Hundreds of profiles: They have many business profiles available (e.g. bakery, graphic design, yoga, etc.) to base your ADI site on.
  • Mobile-friendly designs: With Wix ADI the mobile version of your site will be automatically created, making even less work for you.
  • Smart system: It provides a site concept based on your answers. On top of that, it’ll suggest a color scheme based on your logo’s colors and your likes.


  • Customization: Even if Wix ADI will let you tweak your content and design, it’s not as flexible as the regular Wix editor as it uses pre-defined content blocks/sections.
  • Limited features: Some features like apps (Wix Hotels or Wix Restaurants) are available, but many others are missing.
  • Template look: The end result can look a bit too much like a template. Adding your own images and text will improve this.
  • The ADI added content is hit and miss: Sometimes the ADI added content reads natural and makes sense, but other times it doesn’t and you’ll need to do several changes to get it the way you want it.

Who Should Use Wix ADI?

Of course, Wix ADI won’t be for everyone. As we’ve seen before, Wix ADI has some limitations that may not be suitable for some. I would say that this smart builder is for:

  • Those without previous website design experience
  • Those who have little time to spare creating a site
  • Temporary projects that won’t be around for long (e.g. an event site)

The good thing though, is that you can always move away from the Wix ADI editor to the regular editor in case you need more flexibility. If you’re a designer or advanced user, then Wix’s Editor X could be another interesting alternative for you, as it provides you with even more customization options and responsive features.

Wix ADI Pricing


$0 / month

Create a free site with a Wix ad. You can’t have your own domain name.

$16 / month

Perfect for smaller professional sites. No ad and plenty of webspace.

$22 / month

The right package if you need more storage (up to 10 GB included).

From $27 / month

Plan to launch an online store with or using premium apps like Wix Hotels or Wix Bookings? Higher plans (VIP & Unlimited) are available too.

Wix ADI has a generous free package like the regular editor does if you don’t mind having a Wix ad on your site. The Light plan at $16 will remove the ad. If you need more storage and bandwidth, check Wix Core, which costs $22.

Be aware that if you are looking to create an online store or planning to use Wix premium apps like Wix Hotels or Wix Bookings, you’ll need to purchase a Wix Business plan. Those start at $27.

If you are not planning to create an online store or use the premium version of Wix’s apps, it’d encourage you to start small, with the Light plan, and upgrade later on if needed.

Monthly prices for 1-year contracts; Domain included in selected packages.

Wix ADI In Detail

Ease of useExcellentThe easiest system I’ve ever used to create a website. It’s useful that during the setup process you are asked about your site’s peculiarities (e.g. do you need a blog?) and creates a concept based on that and your existing brand.

Additionally, Wix makes it really easy to edit your site (e.g. edit text). It also includes tutorials and guides you can check from the editor.

Choice and flexibility of design (templates)GoodElements can’t be placed exactly where you want, some users may find this a bit limiting. However, their design options are endless as it has over 60 elements and sections with multiple variations ready to be added. The style editor comes in handy when needing to change the whole look and feel of your website (e.g. fonts, colors, etc.).
Advertisement-freeYesThe Combo plan and higher won’t include ads.
LanguagesOKWix can support 19 languages. Unfortunately, in contrast to the normal Wix editor, Wix ADI doesn’t have a built-in system to automatically create multilingual sites, but it seems as Wix might introduce this feature soon.
FeaturesGoodWix has made a huge effort to include some of its best features and apps like the blog, e-commerce, Wix Bookings or even Wix Events. However, some others are missing (e.g. multilingual, Wix Forms, etc.).
Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net)YesFree domain the first year with the Combo plan (or higher) for annual (or longer) deals. Domains renew at around $15 per year. You could either transfer or connect your current domain name to Wix. All domains at Wix support SSL.
Depth of navigationBadWith Wix ADI you won’t be able to have more than 2 navigation levels, having one more would be a great addition. If you want to publish very deep hierarchies of content, you may want to check out a Wix alternative.
Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)OKWix ADI probably has more widgets and apps than several competitors (e.g. Webnode or Jimdo), but when comparing the available apps with the regular Wix Editor it feels very short, as there are only a handful available. There isn’t a way to add custom HTML code into Wix ADI either.
MonetizationYesYou will be able to monetize your website (e.g. using affiliate marketing), but not via ads as there isn’t a way to integrate the code (e.g. for Google AdSense).
E-CommerceGoodAdding an online store is fairly easy and the functionality is very similar to the Classic Editor. Be aware that online stores are only included in the Business & eCommerce plans. It’s a fairly advanced system that will let you sell both digital and physical products – more information here.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)GoodYou’ll be able to customize most SEO options like meta-descriptions or URLs. Be aware that when you upload an image its file name is changed (e.g. from ‘bike.jpg’ to c11059c6a~mv2.webp), which may be a deal-breaker if you rely heavily on image SEO.
BlogGoodWix ADI’s blog comes with interesting blogging features like categories, post scheduling and handy SEO options like customizable title tags, meta-descriptions and URLs. An AMP version of your posts can be enabled for faster loading. There is also a commenting system.
Visitor statisticsGoodWix ADI can be integrated with Google Analytics, but you’ll need a paid plan.
Contact formYesContact forms can be added easily from a list of predefined forms. You’ll also be able to customize the fields.
Password protectionYesPages can’t be password-protected with the Wix ADI editor (more information). However, there is a simple way to create member’s areas, so only registered users can access certain pages.
Newsletter toolYesWix has its own native email newsletter tool (ShoutOut), which integrates seamlessly with its system. It’s very straightforward, but perhaps not as powerful as other alternatives.
Add HTML codeNoWith Wix ADI you won’t be allowed to add your own HTML code. It’s also not integrated with their advanced (developer-friendly) platform Wix Velo.
Storage space500 MB+From 500 MB to unlimited web storage, each Wix plan has its limitations. Check out this guide for more information.
Backups & RestoreYesWix will track every change that you make to your site, so you’ll be able to access (and restore) to any previous version of your website – safety first!
SupportEmail and telephoneWix’s support center documentation is detailed and clear. But you can always reach out to their customer care team (by email and callback service) if you get stuck. They normally answer quickly, but sometimes you’ll need several interactions to entirely solve your problem.
Fun FactorGoodUsing Wix ADI is uncomplicated and you can create your own site in minutes. However, at times, the design and layout options can feel a bit short.
Overall Rating4.1 out of 5Wix ADI is an intelligent website builder suitable for those who need a website created today or who have zero technical knowledge. If you need more design flexibility, check out the regular Wix Editor, or Wix Editor X, in case you’re an advanced user that is looking for even more customization possibilities.

Wix ADI Alternatives

AI website builders are quite a new thing. However, there already are a few competing products. Most importantly Jimdo Dolphin, which is very similar to Wix ADI and is probably even easier to use. One disadvantage though, is that you can’t simply switch to their regular Jimdo Creator editor, which offers more features, such as a blog. and Bookmark are two other AI website builder that you can check out in our review here.

Wix ADI Review: Final thoughts

As I’ve mentioned, Wix ADI will create a website for you, and even if you need to tweak some content and (maybe) styles, the results can be pretty professional-looking. Honestly, I don’t know of a quicker way to launch a website these days.

It can be even a good idea to combine the powers of Wix ADI with Chat GPT, which is even stronger in content creation.

Wix ADI comes with the most popular Wix apps for businesses like member areas, Wix Bookings, a blog, online store, and so on. But some other features are missing (e.g. a form builder). Consider this before you go with Wix ADI. However, be aware that you can always move to the fully-featured Wix classic editor if Wix ADI comes up short.

In conclusion, I do think Wix ADI can be a good alternative for some, but of course, it’s not for everyone. I would only recommend it to those wanting to create a small website for their business, for instance, a bakery or restaurant or for freelancers like graphic designers. More advanced projects are probably better suited to more powerful website builders like (the regular) Wix, Squarespace or Weebly.

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