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We’ve tested and reviewed BigCommerce’s online store alongside with its competitors in the past. But now, we’ve decided to have a closer look at BigCommerce’s true costs and reveal them to you because their fee structure has some unexpected quirks.

BigCommerce Pricing: What’s the Deal?

At first sight, BigCommerce’s pricing plans are straightforward: The Standard plan costs $29.95 a month, the Plus plan is $79.95 monthly and Pro is $299.95 a month. Be aware there are different sales thresholds ($50k, $150k and $400k in yearly sales), which, once reached, automatically bump you up into the next tier.

BigCommerce Plan Breakdown

Feature / PlanBigCommerce StandardBigCommerce PlusBigCommerce Pro
Digital productsYesYesYes
Support 24/7YesYesYes
Domain nameDomain names are about $12 per year
Email accountYou’ll need to use a 3rd-party service such as Namecheap or Google Workspace to get emails accounts
SSL for whole websiteYesYesYes
Gift cards & couponsYesYesYes
Real time shipping quotesYesYesYes
Customer loginsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Professional reportsYesYesYes
Customer groups & segmentationNoYesYes
Abandoned cart recoveryNoYesYes
Product filtering
BigCommerce transaction fees (for most leading gateways)0%0%0%
Transaction fees PayPal credit card (optional)2.9% + $0.30 (regular rate)2.5% + $0.302.2% + $0.30
Yearly sales threshold

(when exceeding it you need a higher plan)
Monthly Deal Pricing$29.95 / month$79.95 / month$299.95 / month
Annual Deal Pricing

(Payment in advance, includes a 10% discount)
$29.95 / month
(no discount)
$71.95 / month$269.96 / month
More informationVisit BigCommerce and try it for free during 15 days

Which BigCommerce plan should I choose?

BigCommerce’s approach to prices differ from those of similar tools, such as Shopify. Each plan comes with a threshold limit. For example, if your annual sales are over $50k you won’t be eligible to use the Standard plan; instead you’ll be upgraded to the Pro plan (a $50 per month increase). For more information about Shopify vs BigCommerce check our in-depth comparison.

Be aware that these upgrades are automatically administered by BigCommerce. Therefore, from one month to the next, your BigCommerce bill could increase considerably if you go over the (annual) sales limit. These thresholds are a particular disadvantage if you are selling high volumes of low margin items.

BigCommerce Standard: This is the entry level package. If you plan on using it, your online store’s sales volume must be under $50k per year. Therefore, this is only suitable for small ecommerce sites. Once you are established and likely to generate more business, this will force you to upgrade. It also lacks of a couple of advanced features, such as an abandoned cart recovery or the ability to create groups and segments.

The BigCommerce Plus plan is suitable for medium online stores that generate up to $150k yearly. Choosing this plan will enable some advanced features. For instance, the “Abandoned cart saver” which allows you to contact users who didn’t complete the purchase process, and encourage them to do so (e.g. by sending additional discounts). This plan unleashes BigCommerce’s user grouping capabilities to segment your audience and offer more personalized shopping experiences (e.g. showing reduced prices to a particular group of users).

If your store is rocking it and your yearly sales are between $150k and $1M, the BigCommerce Pro plan is for you. Be aware that if you are making more than $400k on sales each year, you’ll have to add $150 extra a month to the price for each additional $200k of yearly sales. In other words, you’ll be paying more than $700 a month if you generate over $800k in sales each year. The most interesting feature of this plan is the “Faceted Search”, which allows online shoppers to sort and filter products. Additionally, this plan enables store owners to install third-party SSL certificates (which allows you to customize your checkout domain).

BigCommerce Enterprise: This plan is for ecommerce sites that are looking for a VIP service. Among other options, this will buy you: priority support, custom filtering options, a staging development environment, and a dedicated account manager to help you grow and optimize your online store. However, you’ll need deep pockets. You’re looking to spend at least $400-$500 a month. You’ll need to request a quote from BigCommerce to find out the exact price.

Remember that you can try BigCommerce free for 15 days

BigCommerce Online Shop Examples Websites



At first glance BigCommerce prices seem very attractive: they don’t charge transaction fees and offer interesting features for all plans (e.g. gift cards and real-time shipping quotes).

However, once you take into account the “online sales per year” limitations, BigCommerce isn’t that cheap. If your online store makes more than $50k on sales each year, you’ll be forced to purchase, at least, the Plus plan ($50 extra a month). This is almost like a hidden fee. Consider these limitations before purchasing BigCommerce.

> Remember that you can try BigCommerce free for 15 days



04 Feb 2020: Price increase for the Pro plan: $249.95 to $299.95
15 Apr 2019: Lower threshold level for the Pro plan. It is now $400k instead of $1m.


Is it possible to upgrade & downgrade my BigCommerce plan?

You can upgrade your BigCommerce plan at any time from their backend. Downgrading it’s also possible, but you’ll need to contact support for that.

How do I get a refund?

BigCommerce generally doesn’t give any refunds. In the 14-day trial period, the Plus plan is activated, so you can try out most of BigCommerce’s features.

In order to test the Pro plan, you should talk to their support so they can upgrade you. Alternatively, you can purchase a subscription for 1-month only and then cancel (without a refund).


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