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If you’re an online store owner, there’s no doubt that Shopify offers one of the most complete and convenient solutions around.


Because you can have zero technical knowledge, and still create a gorgeous-looking store that’s easy for customers to use, and beautifully showcases all your products.

What’s more – if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on design, you can even do it for free, thanks to Shopify’s range of free themes.

In this article, we’ll take you through the free Shopify themes available, and the pros and cons of using them.

So let’s dive in and take a peek on what’s on offer…

Free Shopify Themes: Which Can I Use For My Store?

Here are the 9 free Shopify themes available to use with Shopify. All are mobile-responsive and customizable in terms of content, layout, font and colors (we talk more about customization in the Pros and Cons section below).

Most of the free themes also come in multiple styles/designs, meaning there are essentially around 20 free themes on offer – giving you a decent variety of options to find a good match for your store.


This free Shopify theme comes in three different styles, and is built for smaller stores with just a handful of products to showcase. It’s ideal for those wanting to use a more visual approach to selling their products, allowing for video, large images, and a full-width slideshow.

For example, it’s a good fit to showcase eye-catching items like hand-made jewels and watches.

View theme demo


With two styles on offer, this simple yet stylish theme is built for stores of all sizes, and includes features such as product filtering and sorting, customer testimonials, and a multi-level menu. Suitable for larger online stores with dozens of products – e.g. clothing or furniture stores.

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Offering three different styles, this striking theme was designed with larger stores in mind. It’s packed with features such as product filtering and sorting, multi-level menus, and a promo banner, and provides an easy way for customers to navigate through stores that offer many products. It would work well for stores selling sports apparel and products, for example.

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Want a stylish online shopfront for your fashion boutique? This gorgeous theme definitely ticks that box! With two different styles available, it’s a solid choice for those looking to feature a lot of high-res imagery on their site. Features include product galleries, slideshows and a video on the homepage.

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Designed with fashion and apparel retailers in mind, this theme comes in two styles and includes a slide-out shopping cart, slideshow header, and video on the homepage.

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As its name suggests, this free Shopify theme offers a simple but modern design, with plenty of white space. It comes in three styles and is great for those who want to keep the elements on their site to a minimum. By default, it includes image zoom for products, related product suggestions and product filtering.

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This cute, whimsical theme comes in two pastel-colored styles. Its simple layout is ideal for stores with a small-to-medium catalog of products. You get a sidebar menu (when viewed on desktop), product image zoom and slide-out shopping cart.


Similar in layout to the Pop theme, this two-style theme comes with a sidebar menu and image animations. It is ideal for stores that want to focus mainly on featuring products, without much additional content.

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This free Shopify theme is ideal for store owners with a large range of products and multiple collections. It offers two different versions, and comes with options to filter products, slideshows, and the ability to feature several collections on the homepage.

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In addition to their free themes, Shopify also offer a collection of over 60 themes that you can purchase. Prices range from $140-180, and include themes designed for specific industries – e.g. fashion, electronics, health and beauty, and more. And if you want even more variety (and to pay significantly less), providers like ThemeForest offer hundreds of additional themes, starting from just $4. Themes from Themeforest are quality-checked, and come with automatic updates, plus 6 months of support for bugs and issues.

Pros of Shopify’s Free Themes

As you can see, Shopify offers a decent range of free themes to suit stores of all sizes and industries. The designs are modern and mobile-responsive, and with most themes offering more than one style, the odds that you’ll find one that meets your store’s needs are pretty good.

Plus, the fact that you can demo each theme to get a feel for how the store would look (and what the user experience would be for the customer) is a huge bonus. Shopify’s demos are available for both desktop and mobile versions of each theme.

Another great thing is how easy they are to customize. Shopify’s theme editor lets you change colors, fonts and other settings on a site-wide level, meaning you only need to change them once for them to apply throughout the whole site. While each theme comes with its own features (such as slideshows, featured collections etc), you’ll find you get a fair bit of flexibility to add and remove sections in order to create the layout you want.

shopify theme editor

Plus, you can take customization of your store even further, thanks to Shopify’s extensive app store. Under the ‘Store Design’ category, you’ll find around 1,000 apps to add handy features like product reviews, cross-sell offers, Instagram galleries and more.

What’s more – if you want greater control over the appearance of your site, and are handy with code, you can also edit your site using HTML, CSS or Fluid (Shopify’s own development code).

For those who like to play around with different themes, it’s good to know that you can change your theme without losing the content. In fact, Shopify will let you have up to 20 saved themes per store. It’s also possible to download themes if you want to keep a backup.

Sounds pretty good for the most part – however, there are a few limitations you should be aware of.

Cons of Shopify’s Free Themes

As I mentioned earlier, Shopify offer a good amount of customization for their themes. But they are quite rigid in their overall layout. That’s because Shopify doesn’t have a drag-and-drop editor (like you’d find with Wix, for example). That means you can’t really re-arrange elements or place things exactly as you want – unless of course, you know how to code. So, some people might find these a little limited.

It would also help a lot if the themes were categorized, for example by industry or by store size (which they’re not currently). Instead, you have to browse through and demo each one. Categorization would definitely help store owners save time.

It’d be great to see a bit more variety in the free themes, too. While the 9 available templates are nice, they are a little basic in terms of features – there aren’t any that come with order forms or size charts, for example. You’d need to purchase a paid theme to access more advanced features like these.

Free Shopify Themes: Final Thoughts

It’s fair to say that, with Shopify’s free themes, you have enough to get started in setting up a modern-looking and easy-to-navigate store.

This is great news for those looking to set up a store on a budget, because as we’ve seen, Shopify’s paid themes can be a little pricey.

The main limitations are that the themes don’t offer the most advanced features, and that they can be slightly inflexible in layout too. Plus, it would be ideal if they had more free themes available.

With the level of customization that is on offer, though, you should be able to build a store that’s more or less to your liking. And if your needs change in the future, you can always purchase a theme from a more affordable provider like ThemeForest, or code your own.

Shopify provide a free 14-day trial, giving you a good chance to test out their themes and decide whether they’ll do the job for you. So if you’re interested in using this platform, it’s definitely worth a go.

> Try Shopify for free for 14 days


Have you tried out Shopify’s free themes for your store? Let us know about your experience, or any questions you have, in the comments below.

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