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SITE123 is an editor that makes creating a website feel as easy as pie. As the name suggests, you can put together a website in three steps: choose a design, add content, and go live.

The designs are divided into general categories like business, online store, or portfolio. They then break down into more specific niches like law firms, hair salons or gardening. There’s no complicated setup process since you can do everything in your browser. Like many other website builders, it also comes with a blog and online store.

Their pricing structure is not really obvious, unfortunately. When you go to their pricing page, you might get the impression that there is only one premium plan available. In fact, there are several plans you can choose from, but you have to create a free account first. It allows you to try out everything as long as you want. In case you like their offering, you can opt for an upgrade. You’ll get a free domain the first year and the ability to create email accounts. For more details, check our pricing and table section beneath.

In our SITE123 review we’ll give you a closer look at all the specific editor details, covering its pros and cons. Let’s start digging!

SITE123 offers a free plan. Sign up for it here.


SITE123 Pricing



Good enough to create a small website and to try out the editor.



Shows a little SITE123 footer tag, but comes with ecommerce that can handle 10 orders/month with offline payment methods.



Doesn’t show any ads. Adds PayPal to ecommerce. Translation in one more language is possible.



Ecommerce includes credit card payments. Up to three languages possible.



Everything is included. 10 Mailboxes, unlimited orders and up to 5 languages.

Paid annual plans contain a free domain the first year and allows you to connect an existing domain. Price might decrease if you opt for a longer term.

Pros and Cons of SITE123


There’s an option to translate your website.

Free plan

You can test SITE123’s free plan as long as you want.

Ease of use

It’s basically like filling in a form. Everything is predefined. Your content will be displayed correctly.


If you want to get rid of all SITE123 ads, you’ll need the Advanced plan. We find it too pricey compared to other competitors.

Layout restrictions

Most layouts are good enough for a standard website, but creating a very unique looking website is not possible.

Limited access

Even though you don’t need any coding knowledge to create a website, you may run into situations where access to the code is necessary. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Rating Details

criterion rating comments

Ease of use

It’s not complicated. You pick an element you need, for example, a text section with a picture, and start editing it. You can check the result in a preview mode for desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Choice and flexibility of design (templates)

Their responsive designs look pretty good, but don’t offer a lot of creative freedom. Every section has a predefined structure. This means you can’t move pictures, headlines or videos around as you want. All designs are responsive.



Depending on your plan, you’ll see a floating banner and/ or footer tag. The Professional plan or higher is required to remove any kind of SITE123 ads.


Definitely a highlight! Up to 5 languages can be added very easily. Unfortunately, you’ll need a paid plan though. Choose the language you want to add from a menu, and the system will automatically create a translation. It can also be edited manually, of course, and t worked also pretty well for the ecommerce checkout. SITE123 itself is available in more than 20 languages.


Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net)


The paid plan contains a free domain the first year. If you already have a domain, you can connect it with SITE123 in their paid plans. Additionally, you’ll get up to 10 email accounts if you pick a premium plan.

Depth of navigation

Even though you can decide whether the links in your menu should open in a new page or scroll down on the same page, you can only add one level. Good enough for creating a one-page layout, but not suitable for more complex website structures.

Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)

In the plugin settings you can add more features to your website. Unfortunately, there’s no way to add external code via HTML. This will limit your possibilities to add new features that aren’t available in the editor.



Since you can’t insert external source code, it’s not possible to work with some typical banner code. You can add affiliate links in your texts, though.


The paid plan contains an online store to sell physical and digital goods. Depending on your plan, payment options are credit card, PayPal and offline payment. Also, the higher your plan, the more you can sell. SITE123 doesn’t charge you an additional sales fee. They even feature cart abandonment emails to lure your customers back into your store.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Basic stuff like adding an SEO title and description isn’t a problem. For beginners, there’s the SEO Advisor, which scans the site for potential SEO improvements. The URL structure for multilingual websites could be better. They contain unnecessary characters, such as ../t-en-us/ for United States English. We recommend choosing their subdomain option.


A very basic blog is available. We are missing a comment function that invites readers to join the discussion.

Visitor statistics

There is an internal statistics tool, giving you a basic traffic overview including your most popular content. Additionally, you can also connect Google Analytics with your website.

Contact form


SITE123 offers different contact form layouts. It’s also possible to add new fields if you need more customization.

Password protection & member areas


You can set up a specific password and a members area with personal logins. Pictures or videos aren’t protected if someone has the direct link.

Newsletter tool


A simple newsletter tool is integrated. You can send up to 10.000 messages per month to your subscribers with the highest plan.

Add HTML code


It’s not possible to add external code.

Storage space


A premium plan will give you up to 270 GB of storage.

Backups & Restore


There’s no backup and restore function available in SITE123.



Yes Chat

Yes Email

No Telephone

If you run into an issue, you can get in touch with SITE123’s support directly via live chat. They answered our questions quickly. Their FAQ contains videos that explain typical functions of the website builder.

Fun Factor

If you don’t have a pixel-perfect layout in mind, SITE123 is a website builder that makes putting a website together really easy.

Overall Rating


SITE123 is a good solution for simple projects like small portfolios and business websites. As long as you don’t need to create a complex website, it’s a decent enough solution.

SITE123 Review: Conclusion

It has become quite hard nowadays to come up with a groundbreaking idea that makes creating a website even easier than it already has been. Therefore, we find it quite bold of SITE123 to compete with industry heavyweights like Wix, Squarespace and GoDaddy. We also find it interesting that the relatively young company, founded in 2016, is not following the recent trend of so called AI website builders.

What they offer is a decent classic website builder that is quite similar to GoDaddy’s editor. You won’t face a lot of surprises since everything is pretty much self-explanatory. But if you do have a question, their live chat support can help you.

SITE123’s multi-language management is a nice feature. You’d expect that this is a standard feature, but many website builders really struggle here. SITE123 created a user-friendly solution that will save you a lot of headaches. Our only complaint here is that you have to translate everything. There are cases when you don’t want that behavior.

As long as you don’t have a pixel-perfect layout in mind that needs any fancy features, you’ll be quite happy with the editor. It’s absolutely meant for small websites, because your navigation menu is too limited. It’s not possible to add some subcategories. There’s also no way to insert or tweak the HTML code. SITE123 doesn’t grant you access.

Overall, if you’re looking for a straightforward solution, you can’t go wrong by testing their free editor. The different paid plans will unlock further features.

Start a free website with SITE123 here.

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How can I cancel my SITE123 subscription?

Before signing up, we recommend to start with the free plan. You will find the settings in your dashboard under “Billing & Products”.

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