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7 Twitter Tools to Expand Your Social Reach

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One of the things that I love about Twitter is the wide array of third-party tools that are available. These tools can greatly help enhance productivity and take out many of the manual tasks you might do on Twitter—leaving you more time for engaging with your followers and converting them into leads and sales.

My Top Favorite Twitter Tools:

There are many tools available and I wanted to share with you some of the ones that I use most frequently. These have greatly helped me build my own following and have helped me increase my influence much quicker and with less effort.

Twitter Tool #1: Klear

Klear, which was formerly Twtrland, is a great tool for identifying the influencers in your niche, if you don’t already know them. Log into the tool using your Twitter account. Then input the topic into the search criteria you are interested in and it will list the Top 10 influencers. Now you can see who are the top influencers and you can target their followers to follow you.

If you take the paid option (which is $10 per month), you can also see the most popular content posted by the Influencers. Now you have the opportunity to curate their content, if it’s generic and relevant to your niche. Or it can give you ideas for what content you could create that would be popular.

Twitter Tool #2: Tweet Jukebox

When I first started using Twitter, all of the tweeting was done from within Hootsuite (which is a great tool, although you do need to keep reloading it).

However, when I found Tweet Jukebox, this became my tweeting tool of choice for two key reasons:

  • You don’t have to keep refilling it with content. Tweet Jukebox just keeps cycling through the content, and when it gets to the end, it just starts again.
  • It comes with some ready loaded content which you can just download into your own Jukebox and start tweeting immediately.

Just select the Jukebox Library option. There are 20 pages of ready-made jukeboxes containing tweets covering many different topics. One of the things I have found on Twitter, is that people love quotes—and as you can see, there’s a jumbo Jukebox of 500 quotes. This gives you a great deal of content. You could tweet 10 quotes a day for 50 days and then the tool will just start again, recycling the quotes.

You can also build your own jukeboxes of your content, by uploading images or input text and links, which you can schedule to run.

You can let it run for a fixed period (which is great if they are special offers or invitations to webinars) or you can let them run indefinitely (if the content is not time limited).

I have one jukebox, which has my 900 leadership articles, set up to tweet continuously. This sends out one tweet per hour, which helps drive traffic to my website. And as I am continually adding new followers, it’s also a great way of introducing them to my older content.

You can use Tweet Jukebox in free mode, which allows you to have two jukeboxes. I use the paid version, which is $10 per month. This not only lets me have multiple jukeboxes, but also allows me to use it for five different accounts.

QUICK TIP: The more you tweet, the more views you will get. Use Tweet Jukebox to tweet at least once per hour every day.

Twitter Tool #3: RiteTag

Hash tagging your tweet is very important. It helps with the organic growth of your following as people tend to view hashtags. RiteTag is a great tool I love to use to help you find the right hashtags for your tweets.

In the free version, just log in with your Twitter account and on the toolbar, input the hashtag you are thinking of using.

Here I have used #leader and it will then list how popular that hashtag is. It will also give you stats of any hashtags that include that word.  The stats include the number of tweets, retweets, and views per hour, that are associated with the hashtag and also what percentage of the tweets included images, links, and mentions. This is all great information and can help you determine what you should include.

Discovering new hashtag ideas from RiteTag

QUICK TIP: Use a partial search to see which ones are the best hashtags. For example, use leader instead of leadership.

They are color coded too. Any coded green are the ones that should be considered. If it is red, it means there are too many tweets and the probability of yours being seen is low.

So here you can see that #Leadership would be a better option than #leader as it has potentially 27.5m views, compared to 120k for leader. Also, there are only 342 tweets, so it’s not overused.

Another great feature for this tool is the connections information. If you don’t see a hashtag that looks like it is going to be fruitful, you can click connections which will show associated hashtags.
RiteTag can show you associated hashtags

QUICK TIP: If you have the space, use 2 or more popular hashtags to increase organic growth.

Twitter Tool #4: Buffer

Buffer was one of the first tools I used to automate my posts. It’s very simple and easy to use. It allows you to queue posts and then schedule them so that they can be tweeted at the most optimal times of the day.

There are different pricing options. With the free version, you can link one account and schedule up to 10 posts per day. In addition to Twitter, you can also post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. There are various paid packages available as well for more professional options.

To sign up for Buffer, just log in using your Twitter or Facebook account. Then create posts under the create content tab and once you have added all your content, you can then go into the schedule tab.

Here you can add the different times of the day that you want to your content to be posted. There is an optimal setting and Buffer will analyze your account to tell you which times are best to tweet based on your follower’s activity.  This is a great way to increase engagement with your tweets.

Finding the optimal Tweet times through Buffer

As you can see from the chart above, the best times for me to tweet would be between 5pm-11pm EST.

Twitter Tool #5: HootSuite

Hootsuite is the largest social media management platform on the web. Within the free version, you can add three social media accounts with no limit to adding content and scheduling.

One of the features I really like with Hootsuite is the suggested content option. This option will identify content that is relevant to you and your following and will even suggest the best times to post it.

There are multiple premium packages and the one that I use is the $9.99 monthly plan. This allows me to add up to 10 social profiles with unlimited suggested content and auto-scheduling.

Hootsuite is the main tool that I use for all of my social media accounts (more than just Twitter). It allows cross posting between accounts and takes a lot of the manual effort out of posting.

One downside is that you need to be constantly loading content. You cannot just have it set up to repeat, which is why the suggested content option is such a big help.

Twitter Tool #6: TweetChat

Once you have built a following and are tweeting regularly, you will need to look at increasing engagement. One of the ways of doing this is to have a group discussion with your followers around a given subject. These are often called Twitter parties or tweet chats, and can be very useful to get to know your following better.

One of the challenges with tweet chats is that it can be difficult to keep track of the messages, as our feeds can be hyper busy and messages can get missed. It’s hard to moderate the conversation too, especially blocking aggressive or inappropriate contributors.

This is where TweetChat helps out. TweetChat is a free tool that organizes and manages Twitter chats. TweetChat has a very simple and easy to use interface where you simply enter the hashtag that is being used for the chat and it collects all of the tweets and presents them in a single list.

It also allows you to highlight or block any content, which makes moderating very easy.

QUICK TIP: When organizing Twitter chats, it is best to stick to a regular time slot to announce and promote it in advance. This will help to build a steady following.

Twitter Tool #7: TweetReach

If you want to know how well your Twitter account is performing, TweetReach is a handy tool. It lets you run reports which will show you how all of your tweets are performing regarding reach, retweets, etc. It will also show which accounts are bringing the most value to your account by getting your message out there.

You can also use TweetReach to review the competition to see how they are doing, or use it to research hashtags or brands.

TweetReach is built for professional marketing and PR use. Top brands rely on TweetReach to measure their impact and make strategic moves.


There are so many great tools to help you manage your twitter account and help automate some of the more mundane processes. The above are my top favorites and have helped me save countless hours of valuable time. What are some of your favorites? Tell me in the comments below!

In case you have any more questions our you want to leave us some feedback, please drop us a comment below and we’ll get back to you as fast as possible!

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24 Jan. 2023 – Removed ManageFlitter and Periscope from the list. The twitter Tool ManageFlitter, which helped identify who are the best people to follow, unfortunately doesn't exist anymore, since Twitter revoked their API access; Periscope's Twitter broadcasting app as well isn't available anymore, since they discontinued their tool.


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