What is a favicon, anyway?

A favicon is a 16×16 or 32×32 pixel small icon, symbol or logo that is usually located left of the address bar of the browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox). Just like here:

favicon browser

When you have many browser windows open, you can easily and quickly find a particular desired site by its favicon. The recognition value is key – therefore you should create a favicon that reminds the visitor of the rest of the website.

Creating a favicon step by step

To create a favicon, you need a logo or a picture that is square ideally. Using favicon-generator.org you can convert this logo or image into a favicon.

On favicon-generator.org click on Browse and upload the particular logo or symbol. Maintain Image Dimensions (do not resize to 16×16 pixel square) should definitely remain checked.


After uploading, click on “Create Favicon”


Now, you just have to download the generated favicon by clicking on the link (right click > save as).

To install the favicon, we use the website builder Jimdo. Jimdo is very convenient in this regard, because you can create your own favicon even with a free account. If you are not using a website builder or a CMS that lets you insert a favicon through the menu, use the HTML code you get from favicon-generator.org and install it in the header of your website.

First, go to Jimdo settings, click the favicon icon on the website tab.


If you have done everything right so far, you can now choose the favicon from your computer (make sure that it is a .ico file).

After that, just click on “upload” and now you can marvel at our new favicon.

Tutorial created by: Fabian

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