We are glad to be able to offer you this Ecommerce Course for free. Your host is Ezra Firestone of Smart Marketer and leads your through 20 videos. Please bookmark the page so you can pick up where you left later.

Welcome Video


Open your own Shopify Store now! Start a free trial for 14 days.

Video 1 – Course Contents and What You Can Expect


Video 2 – Where We Are In the World Of Ecommerce


Video 3 – Faceless Ecommerce Is Dead


Video 4 – Store Architecture


Video 5 – Product Offer Pages


Video 6 – Must-Have Third-party Apps

Reviews, Exit-Intent Pop-up, Landing Page Builder and Cart Abandonment Emails.


Video 7 – Shopping Cart Checkout: Optimizing Conversions


Video 8 – Facebook Advertisement: Retargeting


Video 9 – Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Shopify Store


Video 10 – Running a Successful Marketing Campaign


Video 11 – Facebook Placements


Video 12 – Facebook Targeting


Video 13 – Saved Audiences


Video 14 – Why Videos are so Important


Video 15 – Video Ad Reviews: What Works and What Doesn’t


Video 16 – Campaign Set Up (Part 1)


Video 17 – Campaign Set Up (Part 2)


Video 18 – Reviewing Ads and Optimizing


Video 19 – Further Resources


Video 20 – Final Words


Open your own Shopify Store now! Start a free trial for 14 days.

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