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What is Wix App Market? Unlock Benefits & Explore Interesting Apps!

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wix app market

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Wix App Market is a marketplace for Wix website owners to find, install, and manage apps that can help them grow their online presence. In this app store, you can find apps made by Wix, as well as external ones, made by third parties.

The App Market sets Wix apart from its competitors, who either don’t have an app store or only offer a limited number of apps.

Don’t be fooled by the name, in the Wix App Market, you won’t find any mobile apps for your smartphone, but instead it offers a selection of add-ons that integrate with your Wix website to add extra functionality.

wix app market home page

Wix App Market home screen

Interesting Categories and App Examples

There are hundreds of free and premium apps to enhance your website, such as:

  • Contact forms (e.g. Wix Forms & Payment, 123 Form Builder)
  • Email marketing tools (e.g. Omnisend, Mailchimp)
  • Photo galleries (e.g. Wix Pro Gallery, Before and After Slider)
  • Video players (e.g. Wix Video, iPlayer HD)
  • Appointment booking engines (e.g. Wix Bookings, Schedulista)

And there are so many more apps. The main categories are:

  • Marketing (e.g. Social media feeds, popup banners)
  • Sell Online (e.g. sell buttons like PayPal)
  • Services & Events (e.g. Wix Events)
  • Media & Content (e.g. Wix Video)
  • Design Elements (e.g. online maps)
  • Communication (e.g. live chat)

Pros of Wix App Market

The main benefit of using the Wix App Market is its ease-of-use; it’s straightforward to navigate and you can find and install apps with just a few clicks. Plus you don’t need any coding skills. All you need is an active Wix account to start exploring the available options.

Adding a Wix app

Adding a Wix app

Another great advantage is that many apps offer free plans for at least free trials, so you can test out different features before subscribing to any paid plans.

All of the apps are pre-vetted by Wix, so you can be sure they are secure. In the unlikely case of an app not working well with your site, you can simply delete it.

You can also find ratings and comments by other users who share their experience of using the apps (however, please also check the FAQ at the end of this article about our thoughts on the app ratings).

Cons of Wix App Market

There are a couple of drawbacks to using apps from the Wix App Market. One concern is that a third-party app could potentially get shut down or discontinued, which could disrupt the functionality of your website.

Additionally, we came across a few third-party apps that seemed to be overpriced and relatively low quality even though they had decent ratings.

Pricing information for paid apps is not always readily available in the App Market, making the cost of these apps unclear.

Generally, we would advise you to stick to Wix’s own apps if you can. The obvious advantage is that the risk of them getting shut down is much lower than with third-party providers. You will also be able to request support directly from Wix. If you can’t find a Wix-made app, try to select one that is run by an established company (research the company’s website for more information about who stands behind it).

How To Use Wix App Market

Using the Wix App Market is straightforward:

  • Simply log into your existing Wix account (or create one if necessary)
  • Enter your website and navigate to Apps on the left-hand side panel
  • Search through the categories provided, until you find what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found an app you like to try out, click ‘Add’ and then follow any instructions given by the app provider to complete the installation process – most will only take less than a minute.

Some apps may request special permissions from you, like ‘reading your contact data’ or ‘managing inbox messages’. Very similar actually to your iOS or Android apps. Please make sure you read and understand these requests, as sensitive data could be given to a third party company.

You’ll also have access to reviews from other users which should give you an idea about how reliable each app may be before making your decision.

How do I uninstall Wix apps that I don’t need?

The general rule is: if you aren’t using an app, you should uninstall it. Running too many apps at once could lead to incompatibilities or display issues on your website.

Uninstalling a Wix app is easy. Simply navigate to Apps > Manage Apps and click the little three dotted icon next to the app. There you’ll the option “Delete App”.

Managing and deleting your Wix apps

Managing and deleting your Wix apps

Wix App Market - FAQ

Simply log into your Wix account and, on the left-hand side, navigate to Apps > App Market.

While many apps are rated with 4 out of 5 stars and higher, the apps that are made by Wix often have very low ratings. Possibly, Wix isn’t encouraging positive ratings enough, whereas a lot of customers seem to be confusing the rating system as a support channel, asking a question and at the same time giving a negative rating. Our impression is that these apps are better than the ratings that they’ve been given.

Yes, they offer a free smartphone app for both iOS and Android devices. The Wix Owner app allows you to manage and update your Wix website on the go, including editing pages, managing ecommerce orders, and responding to customer messages. You can also track website analytics and receive push notifications for important events.

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