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How to Use WordPress on Wix? Hosting, Integrating and Importing a Blog

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WordPress and Wix are both big names in the website building space. For that reason, you might be wondering how to make the most of the two platforms.

Let look at a few common questions from our readers:

Can You Host WordPress on Wix?

The short answer is no. Wix is not a general web hosting service. Wix only supports its own website builder. For that reason, you cannot host WordPress on Wix.

The good news is that there are plenty of cheap WordPress hosting services available. In fact, much cheaper than Wix. While Wix’s Combo plan costs $16/month, a cheap WordPress hosting package like Dreamhost already starts at $6.99/month.

To set up your WordPress website you simply need to purchase the web hosting package and install WordPress. These days, that’s a straightforward process. See this step-by-step video on how to install WordPress on Siteground for example:

siteground install wordpress TEXT

Can I use Wix for my website and WordPress for my blog?

Yes, this is possible, although there aren’t many scenarios where this makes a lot of sense. One would be if you already have a WordPress blog running, and you don’t want to move your posts over to Wix. If that’s the case, you can do the following:

In order to use WordPress on your Wix website, you should set up a subdomain. So for example, if your main domain is, you could set up the WordPress blog under

The subdomain needs to be created with your domain registrar. If Wix hosts your domain name, you can find a guide to setting up a subdomain here.

In your WordPress hosting, you need to specify this new subdomain as your primary domain name. To enable the connection, you will have to change your domain’s DNS records. I would recommend you contact your domain registrar’s support in order to set it up.

Once your WordPress blog is running on your new subdomain, you can add a link to it in your Wix website’s navigation bar.

Please note that subdomains have certain SEO disadvantages. Google sees a subdomain as a separate entity, which can hamper your search engine rankings. Generally it’s always better to use a subfolder (e.g. rather than a subdomain (

If setting this up sounds too complicated, or you are worried about your SEO, you can also import your WordPress articles into Wix. The advantage is that everything will run on one platform.

How do I import my WordPress blog into Wix?

To import your WordPress articles into Wix follow these steps:

  1. In your dashboard, go to “Blog”
  2. Click “More Actions”
  3. Click “Import Posts”

import wordpress posts into wix

  1. Select “WordPress”
  2. Select either “By using a site URL” or “By using a WordPress XML file”

If your WordPress blog is published to the web, I would recommend using the first option, as it’s the easier option.

  1. Now enter the URL to your WordPress blog
  2. Wix will start the import and pull over your texts, images (including alt-texts), videos as well as the original post dates and times. The WordPress categories will be imported too. The maximum number of posts you can import is 4,000.

For further information on importing WordPress content, please refer to this Wix help article or get in touch with customer support.


I hope this information was helpful. Please leave a comment if you have any further questions!

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