connecting godaddy domain to weebly

In order to point your GoDaddy domain to Weebly, a few technical parameters need to be modified through GoDaddy. Normally, GoDaddy themselves would help you make these changes. Please do as follows:

  1. Copy the email template that Weebly provides you with in this article.
  2. Contact to GoDaddy’s support, and send them all the required information (read the email template).

If you would prefer to set up the connection yourself, you can read these detailed instructions and perform the needed changes using GoDaddy’s platform.

Alternatively, you can transfer your domain name to Weebly. If you do this, Weebly will become your domain name host. Find more information in this post.

Please noteIn case you also require email accounts for your domain name, we recommend you to take a look at Namecheap. Their prices for domain names, including email accounts, are a lot more competitive than GoDaddy’s.

Can I use an external domain name with all the Weebly plans?

You will be able to point your GoDaddy domain name to any premium Weebly plan. However, this option is not available for free accounts.

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Can I transfer my GoDaddy domain name to Weebly?

No. Weebly does not support domain name transfers. You can only point it to Weebly, which is the better solution as it’s cheaper (see next question).

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Domain names prices: Weebly vs. GoDaddy

When you purchase a domain name with Weebly, it can be a bit pricy — no less than $19.95 (yearly). Moreover, they only offer .org, .com and .net domains. Note that the the first year Weebly won’t charge for your domain name.

GoDaddy is a much cheaper option. Prices start at around $15 per year. Besides .org, .net and .com, they also offer many other domain names extensions such as,, .de, .fr and more.

To point your domain name to Weebly, all you need to have is a basic domain name without any extras. GoDaddy isn’t the cheapest domain registrar. At Namecheap, for example, you can get a .com domain name for around $11 per year.

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Does Weebly offer email accounts?

They provide email accounts through Google Workspace. While this is a very professional solution for work teams it is priced at $72 per user (yearly).

GoDaddy is also an expensive solution for e-mail accounts ($48 per user yearly). If you need email accounts, a cheaper solution would be Namecheap or Zoho Workplace, which even offers up to 5 email accounts for free!

If you would like an all-in-one deal, you may want to look into Webnode. They offer the domain name(s) and email account(s) together in their premium plans.

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