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Are you a freelancer? One who likes to take on tasks personally? You can do that with your web presence, too, whether you’re a translator, a designer, a consultant, or a photographer. Not having a business website means missing out on customers – the business website is the best channel of distribution there is.

In most cases, you already have the skills necessary to build a website on your own – all you need is the right tool. Let’s take a look at what your website project might look like:

Possible list of requirements

  • Operation as simple as possible
  • Small website (between five and twenty mostly static pages)
  • Blog function
  • Smartphone-friendly website version
  • Domain and e-mail account included
  • Customizable design
  • Contact form, perhaps directions how to get there
  • Social media integration (e.g. Twitter / Flickr integration)
  • Support
  • Price range: $5 to 8/month

What you don’t need

  • Member page with login functionalities and customizable degrees of access for different kinds of customers
  • Maintenance of several hundred individual pages

Our recommendations:

There are two tools ideally suited for freelancers: Weebly and Jimdo.



Weebly offers modern designs and the site editor is very flexible. Even their free plan is very powerful and only features a small ad. You can find our in-depth Weebly review here.

Find our fully detailed review here: To try Weebly for free, click here: ... Weebly Review - Our opinion about the website builder 2013-06-21T13:26:11.000Z
Jimdo Logo


Jimdo has the advantages of being very easy to use. This is also true of their blog and online store. Thanks to their mobile apps you can also edit your website on your iPhone or iPad. Here is a link to our in-depth Jimdo review.

Find a more detailed Jimdo review here: To try Jimdo for free, click here: ... Jimdo Review - Pros and Cons of the New Version 2014-11-20T16:57:52.000Z

If you are on a really tight budget you could also check out They offer extremely low prices but you’ll be limited to 5 individual pages only. This might already be enough if all you want is a short presentation of your services.

You have further requirements? Here you can find even more providers and further information about them.

Website Builder Comparison Chart

Examples of freelance websites

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