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Robert Brandl

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yola ecommerceMore and more small-business owners are using platforms like eBay or Etsy to sell their products online. And many do so very successfully.

For a lot of them it also makes sense to create their own online store so that they are more independent when, for example, eBay decides to increase their sales fees again.

It’s great that many online website builders are now equipping their platforms with powerful ecommerce features. Webs.comJimdo and Webnode have been offering their online stores for quite a while now, for example.

Many competing website builders, on the other hand, only offer PayPal and Google Checkout buttons that don’t feature real shopping cart functionality.

Read on to see where Yola stands and what we think of the new online store!

Yola online store: pricing and first impressions

If you are not a Yola bronze or silver customer already, the online store is $19.95 per month. If you are then you pay $10 on top of your existing package. Not much for a fully functional web store, that doesn’t charge sales commissions.

One thing you will quickly realize is that Yola didn’t develop this store themselves – they’ve licensed it from Ecwid, a company with a clear focus on ecommerce widgets. Because of that, editing does feel a bit different than with Yola’s native widgets – but more on that in the video below.

E-commerce Features

Yola’s new online store is full of great features! Here are some of them:

  • Sell physical and digital goods (including product variations)
  • Manage your stock
  • Adjust settings for shipping costs and taxes at a very granular level
  • Plenty of payment options (including credit card processors)
  • Create voucher codes
  • Customize confirmation emails for your customers
  • Direct integration with shipping providers like FedEx and UPS

There’s plenty more but I think these are the most important ones.

Creating a Yola store

This video will show you how the Yola store works:

Review of Yola's new online store
You can find a detailled review of Yola's website builder here: This video shows you Yola's latest feature: the Ecwid-powered online store. With this new feature Yola has become an interesting choice for doing e-commerce. We highlight the pros and cons of this new widget. If you have any questions, please leave a comment! Contents: 0:00 Intro 0:28 Manage your store/items 0:50 How to manage stock 1:11 Sell digital goods 1:21 Tax settings 2:00 Create discount coupons 2:09 Payment options and credit card processors 2:30 Conclusion and Pros 2:58 ConsReview of Yola's new online store2012-03-07 11:05:02 UTC


Unfortunately, there is no free trial available at this time. If you want to see what the Ecwid store looks like and how it works you can also go to, create a store with their free plan and put it on your new or existing website. Simply paste the HTML code Ecwid provides into a Yola HTML widget.

I hope you liked this review and if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment!


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