Check your website for uncompressed images – quickly, easily and free! Simply enter your URL and we will give you a list of images on that page that you should optimize. We’ll also provide websites where you can compress your images for free! Enjoy!


After running the tool you will get a result with all images on the page that can be optimized (if there are any). It will also show you exactly how much can be saved.

Now you simply download the image files and run them through TinyPNG or Shortpixel’s compressor.

You should focus on the highest savings in terms of kilobytes (or even megabytes). If you are using a CMS or website builder you may not always have easy access to all the images.

Both Shortpixel and TinyPNG built their tools around Google’s recommendations for optimized images, so yes, it should be optimal to rank highly in Google.

No, we don’t keep any copy of it.

Sometimes our tool has issues with slow loading websites. If it takes 20 seconds or longer to fully load your website it can lead to a timeout, unfortunately.