How to transfer or redirect a Namecheap domain name to a Weebly website

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connecting namecheap domain to weebly

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So, you’ve got your domain name with Namecheap and want to use it for your Weebly website? You’ve come to the right place!

There are two ways you can set this up.

Option 1 is to leave the domain name at Namecheap and point it to Weebly. This makes sense if you have your email accounts set up with Namecheap, for example.

To connect your domain name with Weebly, there are some technical modifications required in your Namecheap account. Luckily, Namecheap has really good support and can help you out in applying these changes. Please follow these steps:

  1. From Weebly’s article copy this email.
  2. Open a Namecheap support ticket and paste the content there. Make sure to provide Namecheap with all the required information. You can also contact one of their live chat operators.

If you’d rather made those modifications yourself, you can follow Weebly’s instructions and apply the required changes through Namecheap.

Option 2 is the right choice for you if you don’t want to deal with two different companies. Then you can just move your domain name to Weebly.

You can check this article for more information about this. Please note that not all domain name endings are accepted. For example, country-specific endings (.de,, .fr) usually can’t be transferred to Weebly. In this case, you’d need to go with Option 1 above.


Please noteIf possible you should keep domain name(s) and email account(s) with the same provider as this can help avoid potential problems.

Additional Information

You can redirect (point) your domain name purchased at Namecheap to a Weebly paid-plan website. This isn’t possible for free plans.

No. Domain transfers aren’t possible with Weebly. However, one can redirect a domain name to Weebly. This is an even a cheaper alternative (see next question).

Bear in mind that Weebly will give you the domain name for free the first year. If you buy a domain name through Weebly, it can be a bit expensive—at least $19.95 (per year). Additionally, their offer is limited to .org, .com and .net domains.

A much cheaper solution is Namecheap. You can purchase domains starting at about $10. You could also use localized domain extensions such as, and others. Common domain names such as .net, .com or .org are also available.

In order to redirect (point) your Namecheap domain name to Weebly you only need to purchase a standard domain name through Namecheap.

Weebly does not offer email accounts directly. However, you can buy them through Google Apps. This is a really smart solution for arranging teamwork. However, it’s a bit pricy ($45 per user each year). You can read more about it here.

If you need email accounts, Namecheap is a budget-friendly solution. You can get an email account starting at just $8 per year.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive package, you could take a look at Jimdo or Webnode. All their premium plans offer email account(s) and domain name(s) together.

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