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Wix is great for the complete website newbie!


Artwork displays nicely and although getting the pricing app to do what I wanted was not as easy as I’d hoped

Jan 7, 2019

Wix is great for the complete website newbie!

I built an ecommerce website using Wix to sell my handcrafted copper jewelry. I chose a template design that appealed to my tastes and then modified it from there to suit my needs. I was extremely pleased that there was so much support in the form of tutorials from the help section – especially since I knew NOTHING about setting up a website. Each stage of the set-up was guided by cueing from Wix and I just followed along. It was so easy and I am so pleased with the final website I created. I did try Weebly at the same time but found it a bit more limiting as to what was available for ecommerce applications. Plus, Weebly only offers a “free” period of two weeks and then you have to commit. I played with the Wix site for a lot longer than that before I made my committment! I highly recommend the Wix website builder – especially if you are a total newbie!

Comment from WebsiteToolTester: We haven’t seen a limited 14-days trial in Weebly yet. However, Shopify and Squarespace do that.


  • Very easy to use with lots of online support in the form of tutorials found in the help section - something for every step. They walk you through the process step by step. Pricing was very reasonable - even got a discounted price for the one year package. Lots of template designs to choose from with a lot of variety.


  • My only criticism is that I didn't know that I could pick ANY template - I thought I had to pick one that sold jewelry (my product) and this wasn't clear to me in the instructions. After a while I figured it out and started over with a different template.

Dec 5, 2016

Art and Music Site With Wix

Ernie Gammage

I built a website that held all of my music videos, 50 years-worth of band photos, and original artwork for sale. Having all that output in one place is just great. Artwork displays nicely and although getting the pricing app to do what I wanted was not as easy as I’d hoped (just not very intuitive and had little instruction), I’m happy with the final result. Sales through the site are excellent and easy for customers. All-in-all, I’m pleased with the price and the results.


  • Intuitive for a total newbie like me
  • Very responsive support


  • It took some time to put it together
  • Some features aren't as intuitive as I wished