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Mar 17, 2020

Shopify - Best of e-commerce builders?

Steph S

With Shopify I have built a women’s clothing store. Shopify is quick and easy to set up but does require additional apps to build pages unless you only require walls of text.

However, there are plenty of resources on how to use all of the features on Shopify within the Help feature; readable guides, webinars, forums and customer service chats. I have spoken to agents before when I couldn’t find an answer in the help center, and they are kind and friendly (as they should be for the price) a downside is, they cannot help with any additional apps as each app has its own support team.

I personally swapped to Shopify from Squarespace. Squarespace lets you move elements around the page, a feature I love and one that Shopify completely lacks. I swapped sites as I was having problems with my subscription forms, customers were signing up but I was left in the dark, which is very frustrating. I had this issue whether I used Squarespace internal mailing list or outsourced to MailChimp.

When I asked Squarespace support about internal mail list, they said connecting an external source would work better, but I couldn’t contact MailChimp due to being on a free trial plan.

In conclusion, Squarespace is a beautiful site that is very easy to move and change but no good for anyone who requires subscribers. Shopify is a very good e-commerce solution, but for a top-notch site, you’ll need deep pockets.


  • Support
  • Amount of apps
  • Many free apps
  • Easy to use


  • Price of Shopify
  • 3rd party app needed
  • Few free templates
  • Google Shopping difficult to use

Feb 12, 2018

Top marks to Shopify


I’ve found Shopify easy to use, in particular. I’m impressed with the blog.


  • I’ve had a great experience so far!


  • I haven’t experienced any negatives so far

Jan 24, 2016


Wauner Smith

With a little bit of time the platform was easy to use. The interface is well designed. The 24/7 support was very good. There are a wide range of apps for growing the functionality of the site.


  • Ease of use
  • Design


  • Not alot of add-on features